Sunday, February 13, 2011

Coast Guard Art Program

The Coast Guard Art Program has accepted this painting!
"Fishing Vessel Mar-Gun Aground" 22 x 30,
watercolor, Dec. 2010
I was accepted into the program last summer, considered several compositions for a submission and finally settled on this one last fall.
Lots of delays, digressions, procrastinations and interruptions later, I started it in early December.

This has a limited pallette, obviously, but just the same there are a lot of subtle warm and cool grays all through it. Those rocks were tedious.

I have a dual personal connections with this subject. While on active duty, I was stationed at the
National Strike Force Coordination Center for a year. The Pacific Strike Team was one of the three Operational Units with which I worked. I was also stationed in Kodiak, Alaska for three years, and have been to St. George Island, where this vessel ran aground. While in Alaska I was the Coast Guard Public Information rep for the western part of Coast Guard District 17, and reported many of these kinds of incidents to the media. This one had a happy ending with no one hurt, and the eventual salvage of the vessel.

Follow the link above to the Coast Guard Art Program website.

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