Thursday, August 4, 2011

Working on another commission

Wrapping up the final version of a painting for Vintage Hill Cellars, Spokane, Wash.
The view is Sentinel Gap on the Columbia River, Maybe a bit south of Vantage, with some foreground changes for the composition.
This one presents some interesting challenges, such as I have in effect never been there. I culled a bunch of reference images from websites of the vineyards Vintage Hill goes to for their appellations, I live in a similar climate zone. I've driven through the area, and even lived in Spokane as a child, but never been in the vicinity at this time of year, time of day.
I also don't have recent contact with a grapevine, so I'm reaching back to some well-aged memories of my Grampa's grapevines, and the batches he brewed in his basement in big glass carboys.
This is the third and final version. The first and second were acrylic on paper, and acrylic on canvas respectively, but this one is a full-sheet watercolor on 140lb Fabriano Artistico cold press.
Signed it this morning, after five months of work developing the composition and doing the studies and trials.