Monday, August 16, 2010

It's been a while. Long enough for this old place to fall down a little more. Actually it's a scene I used to drive by frequently, and one that's fairly common all over the rural south: abandoned farmhouse, an island of brush and rubble in a field, easier to plow around than erase completely. The outbuilding is now worth more than what might have been a landmark home in town.

Interesting Facebook post by a niece, a writer-in-training, who always knew what she wanted to be, chasing that dream.
She's blessed with a family that has encouraged her, even though her "Creative Writing" major doesn't fit well with the wall street business model.
I always knew I wanted to make something, that I wanted to do something creative, and it's been a tortuous journey, littered with false starts, digressions, delays and dilemmas.
Here I am, finally, selling my work.