Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hey stranger

Sheesh. History first:
Over a month has gone by: an outdoor art show blew me away, literally, not in a good way; I've placed a small group of my work out into the world at 5th Street Bake Shop, Reno; acceptance into the Coast Guard Art Program is a big boost. Gotta get to work on some ideas for that last.

Real world distractions and diversions, some needful, some not are my bane, the only excuse I can plead for not keeping this up, but here's a new one.

No. 50 is another Tahoe Rim Trail scene.
I came across this scene as I walked up to the basin of one of a pair of seasonal lakes. Further up the trail, you can look down at this area in a view from above this basin. The odd group of boulders in a wide expanse of smooth sand looks oddly like a giant marble game. Good thing I cached water a 1/2 mile before this point. My pack was heavier by a gallon of the precious stuff; I found the trail was dry for the next ten miles.